Who are we?

Glessner Group is a dynamic organization operating globally through a network of international partners. We are engaged in a diverse range of industries, offering services such as real estate and venture capital.


Founded in 2005 as a CGI firm specializing in creating photorealistic images for architectural projects, we quickly established ourselves as one of the world’s leading 3D companies. Collaborating with renowned architects such as Arch. Oscar Niemeyer, Arch. Bjarke Ingels, and Arch. Martha Schwartz, we earned a reputation for excellence in our field. As our client base expanded beyond architects to include real estate developers, we began offering marketing advisory services, and eventually became trusted advisors to other industries as well.

In 2015, we joined forces with WMA (Willy Müller Architects) to form CodeShare Group, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2018, recognizing the growing demand for high-value properties exceeding USD 50 million, we established our dedicated Real Estate department. This division focuses on prestigious assets like office buildings, hotels, and casinos. Encouraged by the department’s success, we diversified our portfolio further by venturing into the lucrative market of venture capital investments.